Biography and Acknowledgements

I'm not very comfortable with mini biographies, afraid of writing myself into a box and folding myself up, as if I were complete.

And on reflection, I think I'm exposed in the poems and short stories.

I write for myself and for an imagined reader, and so am grateful when anyone publishes my work. Two Birmingham publications, Raw Edge and The Cannon's Mouth, have been particularly supportive over the years. The now sadly defunct Raw Edge was the first magazine to publish my poetry, and The Cannon's Mouth published several of the poems from my first collection.

In addition to the editors of these two publications, I thank the editors of the following for first publishing several of the poems on this site, some in earlier drafts: Birmingham University Literary Magazine, The Interpreter's House, Life Cycle (published by Birmingham University), Losing the Edge and The Machineries of Love (published by Ragged Raven Press), Hand Luggage Only (published by Open Poetry), Penultimate-E, The Rialto and Salopeot.

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